Top Products In My Sjogren’s Syndrome Survival Kit

Sjogren’s can be sneaky in that it can affect multiple organ systems. More commonly, its symptoms include dry mouth and dry eyes. I unfortunately experienced the full wrath of Sjogren’s with all of the rare attributes it may bring. I’ve compiled a list of my top Sjogren’s products that help get me through day to day life.

But why do these things happen to me?!
I treated patients like this…

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I can’t stress enough how important this is. I take my giant Swig tumbler with me whenever I leave the house. I need to have water close by. I strongly suggest getting some sort of insulated bottle. That way, the water stays cold while you are running errands or commuting to work. I can chug some room temperature water, but nothing satisfies me like ice cold water. These are the tumblers/bottles I recommend to keep on hand:

Y’all know I wasn’t going to let this list go without adding the essential hydroflask. I may be rare, but y’all know I am still as basic as they come. Word to the wise, I consider these bottles an investment. I would use them ONLY for water and nothing else.


Gum is essential for those times you don’t have any water in reach and your mouth is drier than the Sahara desert. I am not a big fan of gum, and I don’t chew it religiously. However, every now and then I am SO thankful for the pack in my purse.

Make sure you get sugar free! Sjogren’s patients are at increased risk to cavities and various other dental issues due to the poor saliva quality. You definitely don’t want to be whisking around tons of sugar to get stuck in tiny crevices of your mouth and teeth.


Speaking of teeth, this is another trial and error topic that is very important. For me, typical toothpaste and mouthwash leave my mouth incredibly dry. That is because of the increased alcohol content in these products. Everyone always recommends Biotene, but honestly I don’t feel like my mouth is clean and refreshed after using the rinse or dental products.

I’ve narrowed down a couple of toothpastes that still leave my mouth clean and fresh without the extra dryness:

I’ve been through a lot of different toothbrushes – electric, firm bristles, soft bristles, charcoal – you name it. I have some pretty serious illnesses, so the last thing I want to be doing is spending time at the dentist! I was traumatized as a child after having 6+ teeth pulled! I have come to the conclusion that electric toothbrushes are the best option for keeping my teeth and gums healthy. The important part is to always remember to replace the head. I’ve tried several and these are my top favorites:


Having Sjogren’s means I am VERY picky when it comes to drops. After many dollars spent, and lots of trial and error, I have learned which brands are worth while. Surprisingly, the best drops I have ever gotten were an off brand “artificial tears” from none other than the Dollar General! Sometimes, the cheaper the better!

However, those drops do have preservatives in them and probably are not the best to use long term. I do keep a bottle in my purse when my eyes decide they want to unexpectantly go rouge and start burning uncontrollably.

I find the best are the preservative free drops in the individual vials. If I am really in rough shape, I will use the gel at night also. Here are my favorites that are worth the price tag:


This eye mask saved me during my eruption of Sjogren’s symptoms while I was pregnant. I literally slept with this mask on my face EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. It served dual purpose based on my mood and needs at the time. It can be placed in the freezer for a soothing, cooling effort. OR it can be heated in the microwave for a calming and relaxing sensation.

This eye mask is perfect for protecting the eyes of fan sleepers! I love going to bed cold under as many covers as possible, but hate waking up with dried out eyes!


I may or may not have 6 different pairs of sunglasses…

Amazon is great for having designer dupes of trendy sunglasses that are still safe and polarized. That is how I can afford to have so many. I NEVER leave the house without them. I have 2 pairs in my purse, 1 pair in my car, 1 pair in my husband’s car, and an extra pair in the house. When you have eye issues, you learn to protect them.

But seriously, it can be overcast outside and the glare is still blinding! There have been times I couldn’t even open my eyes because of the glare of the sun on the road. Talk about scary!

Same, but different…right?


This one also took a lot of trial and error. My eyes were always so red, itchy and irritated. All I wore for the longest time was mascara. I would always come home at the end of the day with black under my eyes. I couldn’t wait to just take it all off.

Fortunately, my eyes are not quite as sensitive as they were. However, I still avoid most eye products. You’ll never see me wear eye shadow, except on special occasion. My eyes tear up and burn just watching people get eyelash extensions! I don’t know how they do it!

I did find one fail proof eye liner that won’t smudge or make me want to rip out my eyeballs. It is the gel liner from Stila. I find all liquid and gel liners work better for my eyes than pencil. However, it is a much harsher look.

I hope this helps you make it through your day a little easier. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know your favorite Sjogren’s products!

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  1. I have that pink/teal marble water cup and itโ€™s the best!!! I get compliments on it all the time. Keeps my ice freezing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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